Close-up of north end of rekhyt frieze after cleaning.

Close-up of north end of rekhyt frieze after cleaning.
Physical Description:
1 black-and-white photograph and black-and-white 35mm print
Date Created:
November 12, 2002
Conservation of the Tomb of Anen
During conservation
Luxor, Egypt
Time Period:
Eighteenth dynasty, ca. 1570-1320 B.C. and New Kingdom Egypt (1548-1086)
Egyptology, Archaeology, Tombs--Egypt--Thebes (Extinct city), Relief (Art), Inscriptions, Egyptian, Mural painting and decoration, Egyptian -- Conservation and restoration, Art, Ancient--Egypt, and Rekhyt
black-and-white photographs, mural paintings (visual works), relief (sculpture techniques), and frieze (ornamental areas)
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Project History:
The tomb was commissioned for Anen, an ancient Egyptian priest who served under the reign of Amenhotep III, King of Egypt. ARCE supported a restoration project for the tomb, focused on the tomb’s wall paintings and its overall structural integrity. The project was directed by archaeologist Lyla Pinch-Brock; team members included project architect Nicholas Warner, conservator Ewa Parandowska, photographer and field assistant Edwin C. Brock, and photographer Francis Dzikowski.