View of the Four Emporors (Tetrarchs) in the Niche, South Wall Apse, before conservation

View of the Four Emporors (Tetrarchs) in the Niche, South Wall Apse, before conservation
Physical Description:
1 black and white photograph and Black and white 35mm print
Date Created:
Luxor Roman Wall Paintings
Existing conditions before conservation
Luxor, Egypt
Time Period:
Tetrarchy (284-313 AD) and New Kingdom Egypt (1548-1086)
Temple of Luxor (Luxor, Egypt), Antiquities, Roman, Fresco painting, Mural painting and decoration, Roman -- Conservation and restoration, Emperors--Rome, Diocletian, Emperor of Rome, 245-313, Galerius, Emperor of Rome, approximately 260-313, Maximian, Emperor of Rome, approximately 240-310, and Constantius I, Emperor of Rome, -306
Black and white photographs and frescoes (paintings)
Neslon numbers: 167,170, 173, 175, 177, 164, 166). "Reliefs and Inscriptions at Luxor Temple, Vol. 2," The Epigraphic Survey, The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.
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Project History:
Amenhotep III was responsible for constructing the greater part of the present Luxor Temple around 1400 BCE. Under Diocletian, Emperor of Rome, 245-313, the first Tetrarchy transformed the temple site, including one of the temple’s offering halls into what is now known as the imperial cult chamber. In the early 2000s, ARCE conducted several site visits to Luxor to extensively document the grounds and undertake conversation efforts for the Roman frescoes present in that chamber.